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One of my favorite things about Knoxville is the food scene.  My wife and I like to try a new restaurant three or four times a month.  We’ve been doing this ever since we moved to Knoxville, and we still have hundreds of more restaurants to discover.

We recently found this funky place in the Old City called Curious Dog.  This funky place has an even funkier menu filled with hot dogs, sandwiches and loaded fries.  Every item on the menu is named after a famous person or a Hollywood character.

My wife had the Pipeline hotdog. This dog comes with grilled pineapple, bacon, jalapeños, honey bbq sauce, tots and cheese.  She was blown away by the flavors of that hotdog.

I had the Tony Soprano, and it was so good. This sandwich comes with salami, capicola, pepperoni, provolone cheese, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, white sauce and herb olive oil on sourdough. You have to try this sandwich when you visit Curious Dog.

Curious Dog also has a huge section of canned, bottle and draft beer.  You will have a blast eating, drinking and enjoying the walls decorated with guitars, bicycles and cool signs they’ve collected over the years.  Curious Dog is family owned, and you will also feel like family when you drop in.  Curious Dog is located at 200 Jackson Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37902, and you can call them at (865) 544-9997.


Homeowners Leave the Big Cities After COVID-19

Homeowners Leave the Big Cities After COVID-19

San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles are cities that got hit hard by COVID-19, and that is causing homeowners to put their homes up for sale and move to smaller cities.  As of May 14, 2020, Los Angeles, County has 34,428 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 1,659 deaths compared to Knox County, TN that has 280 confirmed cases and 5 deaths.

Smaller cities like Knoxville, TN have a lot more space for homeowners to raise their kids and live their lives without worrying about things like COVID-19.  Bigger cities like New York have people on top of one another, and that means way higher chances for getting germs from other people.

The Cost of living in cities like Knoxville is what is so attractive to people in big cities like Seattle, WA.  In Seattle the median home price value is $767,906 compared to the median home value in Knoxville, TN which is $238,000.  In Knoxville, TN, $238,000 gets you way more house than in Seattle, WA.  People are seeing that a more peaceful and less expensive life is just a move away.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown employers that a lot of its workforce can work from home.  People now see that they can live in the eastern time zone and work for a company in a different time zone.  Knoxville has all the same things big cities offer just on a smaller scale.  Get out of the awful traffic, high crime rate, high taxes, expensive gas and move to Knoxville where your life will be much more peaceful.

We Help Each Other – Small Business Fundraiser

The great thing about smaller towns is that friends tend to be more like family.  Neighbors help one another out, friends help one another out and patrons help their favorite bar out during tough times.  Just 1 More, a local Knoxville bar, had to shut it’s doors because of the COVID-19 quarantine. Like all small business Just 1 More’s owner Robert Weed was worried but he decided to make the best of it.  Robert, his amazing employees and a few friends decided to renovate the bar.  They repainted the walls, refinished the bar top, stain the floors.  One other major thing he wanted to do, but wanted to let his customers get involved, was to put up new ceiling tiles. Then there came a great idea, to have a fundraiser and get everyone that wants to help to buy a tile, design it and have it live there forever.

Here’s how you can get involved in helping a small business get back up and running…

Just 1 More has…

88 full tiles available for $20

59 half or tiles with sprinkler or lights in them for $10
VIP over the bar area and more expensive tiles to replace
29 full for $100
14 half for $50
That gives the bar a total of 117 full tiles and 73 partial or half tiles. With a grand total of 190 tiles available. Robert Weed would love for everyone to have an opportunity to receive a tile. Couples are allowed to purchase their own individual tile. If sales slowdown we will give you an opportunity to purchase a second tile.

Tiles will be made available after May 1st possibly sooner for you to take home and design.

Tiles will be assigned by drawing a number that will coincide with the ceiling map. You will receive your chance to draw your number when your purchase is made.

Purchases can be paid for by cash, check (made out to Robert Weed), or credit card.

Please email Robert at and available times will be provided for you to come in to purchase your tile and receive your number. That way we can maintain social distancing guidelines for everyone’s safety. Other opportunity will be when you pick up Togo orders on Wednesdays or Saturdays

Robert will be replacing the tiles on Saturday nights after Just 1 More reopens. Way Cool heating and Air will be replacing the tiles for us. Wild Bill will then be raising a toast after we replace the tiles that evening. That way everyone will have a moment to celebrate their tile being placed.

Please take this opportunity to help a local Knoxville business.

Top 5 Restaurants to Get Takeout in Knoxville, TN During the Coronavirus Closedown

When Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon issued an executive order Friday, March 21, 2020 to close bars, gyms and commercial event venues amid growing concerns over the novel Coronavirus, people had to turn to take out food.  Here are the top 5 restaurants to get your food fix in Knoxville during the Coronavirus shut down.

Fiesta Garibaldi:  If you have not visited this small Mexican food place, you are missing out.  Fiesta Garibaldi has super friendly staff, great atmosphere, cheap beer, and the best Mexican food in town. Address: 8520 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 Phone: (865) 249-7011

Soccer Taco:  There are three locations in Knoxville, but we love the one in West Knoxville.  Their menu is great, but I always go with the tacos.  I see some of the dishes going to the tables and want to try them all.  Once this Corona virus ends you have to go visit them.  Megan, the bartender, is super friendly and makes great drinks. Address: 2031 Thunderhead Rd, Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: (865) 691-3503

Gavino’s Pizzeria:  People you have to order their pizza!  I’m not kidding here, these people are making fantastic pizza at a really good price.  We love the food and staff at the Kingston Pike location.  Also, once this is over, you have to go for their happy hour.  Cheap draft beer, long island ice teas, and food deals. Address: 5211 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 Phone: (865) 200-5571

Gus’s World Famous Friend Chicken: Who doesn’t love friend chicken?  This place is straight up legit!  Who knows what they put in the batter but it is so good.  The chicken is super juicy and crispy.  You do have to know that the chicken is a little spicy and the flavor just sits there to remind you how good it tastes.  The only drawback of not being able to dine in right now is that you won’t get a chance to meet the adorable and friendly Kim.  Go get your chicken fix on people! Address: 3103 Southerland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37191 Phone: (865) 200-5468

Just 1 More Bar & Grille:  This bar has a small kitchen that turns out some big flavor.  You want to visit a place where you are treated like family?  Then you have to visit Robert, the owner, at Just 1 More.  He makes some of the tastiest grub in town and does it with love.  Call and treat yourself to some home cooking with big flavor. Address: 9355 Kingston Pike #5, Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: (865) 769-1500

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Why We Love Knoxville, TN

So, in a past lifetime I was a flight attendant and traveled all over this beautiful country and the world.  I’ve had a chance to live in California, Minnesota and Tennessee.  I’ve seen many cities that are amazing to visit but Knoxville is an amazing city to live in. The people!  Knoxville has some of the best, down to earth, friendly people.  Everyone here in Knoxville are always wanting to say hello and talk to you.  People always go out of their way to help each other in any way they can.  In Knoxville neighbors look after each other.  Heck, our neighbors ask us to check in on their pets when they’re gone, and they check our mail when we have to go out of town.  Just saying, the people in Knoxville are the best. The food!  I used to live here in Knoxville from 2003 to 2011 and I used to describe the food in Knoxville as ok.  Back then you could get almost any type of food, but it just wasn’t the best.

Today the food scene in Knoxville is phenomenal.  I grew up in California and my wife is from New Jersey so needless to say we have been spoiled with great food.  Knoxville now has some amazing Mexican food (Fiesta Garibaldi), delicious Italian (Savelli’s), out of this world BBQ (Coal Creek Smokehouse) and endless friendly bars (Just 1 More). Always something to do! My wife and I have been on a quest to discover new things in Knoxville and our list keeps on getting longer and longer.  In the city of Knoxville alone we have gone to many festivals.  In the summer there is something to do every weekend.  Hey, don’t forget our University of Tennessee sports teams.  We love to go tailgating on UT football game day.  We’re very lucky that we have friends that invite us to go to games and tailgate on a regular basis.  Remember what I said about the people in Knoxville?  Those things are why UT football game-day is the best in the country. We love Knoxville and will never leave this beautiful town!

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