The great thing about smaller towns is that friends tend to be more like family.  Neighbors help one another out, friends help one another out and patrons help their favorite bar out during tough times.  Just 1 More, a local Knoxville bar, had to shut it’s doors because of the COVID-19 quarantine. Like all small business Just 1 More’s owner Robert Weed was worried but he decided to make the best of it.  Robert, his amazing employees and a few friends decided to renovate the bar.  They repainted the walls, refinished the bar top, stain the floors.  One other major thing he wanted to do, but wanted to let his customers get involved, was to put up new ceiling tiles. Then there came a great idea, to have a fundraiser and get everyone that wants to help to buy a tile, design it and have it live there forever.

Here’s how you can get involved in helping a small business get back up and running…

Just 1 More has…

88 full tiles available for $20

59 half or tiles with sprinkler or lights in them for $10
VIP over the bar area and more expensive tiles to replace
29 full for $100
14 half for $50
That gives the bar a total of 117 full tiles and 73 partial or half tiles. With a grand total of 190 tiles available. Robert Weed would love for everyone to have an opportunity to receive a tile. Couples are allowed to purchase their own individual tile. If sales slowdown we will give you an opportunity to purchase a second tile.

Tiles will be made available after May 1st possibly sooner for you to take home and design.

Tiles will be assigned by drawing a number that will coincide with the ceiling map. You will receive your chance to draw your number when your purchase is made.

Purchases can be paid for by cash, check (made out to Robert Weed), or credit card.

Please email Robert at and available times will be provided for you to come in to purchase your tile and receive your number. That way we can maintain social distancing guidelines for everyone’s safety. Other opportunity will be when you pick up Togo orders on Wednesdays or Saturdays

Robert will be replacing the tiles on Saturday nights after Just 1 More reopens. Way Cool heating and Air will be replacing the tiles for us. Wild Bill will then be raising a toast after we replace the tiles that evening. That way everyone will have a moment to celebrate their tile being placed.

Please take this opportunity to help a local Knoxville business.