So, in a past lifetime I was a flight attendant and traveled all over this beautiful country and the world.  I’ve had a chance to live in California, Minnesota and Tennessee.  I’ve seen many cities that are amazing to visit but Knoxville is an amazing city to live in. The people!  Knoxville has some of the best, down to earth, friendly people.  Everyone here in Knoxville are always wanting to say hello and talk to you.  People always go out of their way to help each other in any way they can.  In Knoxville neighbors look after each other.  Heck, our neighbors ask us to check in on their pets when they’re gone, and they check our mail when we have to go out of town.  Just saying, the people in Knoxville are the best. The food!  I used to live here in Knoxville from 2003 to 2011 and I used to describe the food in Knoxville as ok.  Back then you could get almost any type of food, but it just wasn’t the best.

Today the food scene in Knoxville is phenomenal.  I grew up in California and my wife is from New Jersey so needless to say we have been spoiled with great food.  Knoxville now has some amazing Mexican food (Fiesta Garibaldi), delicious Italian (Savelli’s), out of this world BBQ (Coal Creek Smokehouse) and endless friendly bars (Just 1 More). Always something to do! My wife and I have been on a quest to discover new things in Knoxville and our list keeps on getting longer and longer.  In the city of Knoxville alone we have gone to many festivals.  In the summer there is something to do every weekend.  Hey, don’t forget our University of Tennessee sports teams.  We love to go tailgating on UT football game day.  We’re very lucky that we have friends that invite us to go to games and tailgate on a regular basis.  Remember what I said about the people in Knoxville?  Those things are why UT football game-day is the best in the country. We love Knoxville and will never leave this beautiful town!

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